Focusing on the substance
• Gauges for use on the shop floor, in the automotive or other industries and qualityinspection
• With built-in or external sensors
• High degree of ergonomics, technology and product quality
• For all non-magnetic layers such as paint, enamel, chrome, galvanic zinc plating on steel

Coating thicknessgauge MiniTest 650 E F3

SKU: 80-124-1401
  • Gauge type F 
    Measuring range 3 mm 
    Measuring uncertainty ± (3 μm + 5 % of reading) 
    Resolution 3 μm
    Geometry of measuring sample
    Curvature radius, convex > 50 mm 
    Curvature radius, concave > 100 mm 
    Diameter of measuring spot > 50 mm 
    Minimum substrate thickness F: 0.75 mm 
    Units of measurement μm or mils (fixed) μm or mils (fixed)
    Calibration procedure –