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"Anything but superficial when it comes to measuring instruments"



Your specialized supplier of high quality Geometric-,  Physical measuring instruments and special threading tools.


NauMetrics gives professional and customized advice so you do not get any surprises during your production and product controls. The instruments are in most cases supplied from stock and at favorable conditions.


Our specialty:


Physical Measuring Instruments / Non destructive testing:
With us, you can always expect a competent and free advice for the purchase of your new instruments. Whether for a coating thickness gauge, thickness meters, porosity meters
Color Meter, Gloss Meter, Hardness tester or a roughness meter, we have the knowledge and competence in these fields and always have the right test solution for your application.


We also offer NDT instruments Ultrasonic errors (flaw) detector, ATEX approved ultrasonic wall thickness gauges and deep-sea instruments.


Geometric measuring instruments:
Analog and digital handheld instruments, optical instruments and thread Measuring instruments.


Thread Tools:
Hand Taps, Taps, Forming taps and customization.

coating thickness gauge
Ultrasonic thickness
Wall Thickness gauge
Porositytester (Pinhole)
Gloss meters
Shore hardnesstester
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About NauMetrics


NauMetrics was founded by Sape Frans Nauta in 2013. With a select group of manufacturers has entered into a long-term partnership. This makes it possible for NauMetrics to deliver high precision measurement equipment at competitive prices.
We will do everything to keep our cooperation with both suppliers and customers at the highest level. The only way we can guarantee the quality of our products and services. That's the important thing, in partnership, which is our top priority.

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